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As Covid is slowly retreating in some countries many of us lucky enough to have been working remotely will be perhaps able return to the office, most likely under some flexible or hybrid arrangements. Should we though? Or should we just stay working from home?

Here’s 10 reasons to stay at home, and 10 reasons to get back to that office.

  1. More family time. I spent 11 years working full time in a previous company that didn’t allow any working from home. I left each day about 7:40am and got back about 6:20pm, so I saw my wife and young…

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Like many people around the world, Liberty IT staff have been fortunate enough to have been able to work at home during the pandemic, and from my personal point of view, as a company we’ve adapted well to remote work. Great work still gets done, we’ve onboarded a large amount of new teammates who’ve never even seen our offices and we’re still constantly trying to stay ahead in technology, innovation and more.

I’ve found however that I’ve, of course, met fewer people across the company over the last year; all the in-office serendipitous or planned meetings are long gone. …

Over Christmas this year I spent about 2 hours unfollowing everyone on Twitter except NASA and some astronauts! Why? I just had enough of the constant negativity, Twitter had become a place where most of the tweets I saw were just not pleasant, and there’s enough misery in the world these days without having to scroll through it.

It wasn’t so much the openly negative tweets, as the people I followed didn’t generally post anything too bad. It was instead the passively-negative tweets that became more and more prevalent — the ‘I’m going to say something bad about someone else…

This is a positive post, honest!


A few years ago in a previous job, my boss mentioned to me “Nobody in this company is going to do anything for you.” Initially taken aback, I realised later what he meant – my career was my own to manage, and nobody else was going to do it for me.

Some of us may be lucky enough to have someone take a real interest, to be a mentor and to actively try to improve our careers. Years before in that same company, I had such a manager — he invited me to meetings I didn’t have to attend so…

and Why You Should


This is a simple post on how to write a blog post, based on my own experiences over the last few years writing numerous posts, mainly on technology and innovation.

It’s not trying to teach how to get views or how to make money — it’s more about how to plan the structure and content of a post.

I see two main types:

  • Opinions — posts with your opinions, commentary or predictions on a subject e.g. “Best JS Frameworks in 2021”, “How to Write a Blog Post” or “Why Wandavision Is The Best Show Since The Mandalorian”.
  • Tutorials — how…

There are no beginnings or endings


One amazing piece of good news in these awful times is that Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time book series is being made into a major TV series by Amazon and should be released in 2021! For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it’s a 14 book fantasy series with amazing characters, story and world-building, complete with thousands of years of backstory. If Amazon handles it properly, it should be TV gold and last for years. So hopefully more Game of Thrones than Legend of the Seeker. Bonus points if you remember that one!

Know your GPT-3 from your K8s


This epic-length guide journeys through all the buzzwords and trends that you may encounter in 2021 in emerging technology and innovation. This is edition #2 of the A to Z of Innovation — see the inaugural 2020 version here. So get yourself a cup of tea, put Teams on Do Not Disturb and lock the attic door to keep the kids away, because this is a long one.

This year, I’ve added in some extra features to the A to Z, mainly as it’s either that or watch more Netflix. So:

  • Some entries have a (Hot) beside them if they’re…

*During a global pandemic

Three years ago I wrote a post here on Medium called ‘One Hour of Side Project Coding a Day* — A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping’ (with the asterisk being ‘Except when my wife gives birth’!). That post has been one of my most popular, mainly due to what I suspect are all the other people also struggling to make time for side-projects.

Three years later, and during a pandemic: it’s still difficult, but still worth trying to do.

I’m lucky/privileged enough to still have a great job, in a company that’s really stepped up and supported its employees during…

This is a quick tutorial on how to use an AWS IoT button to create what I like to call a Not-For-Emergencies Parent Button! I say quick because it’s a lot easier than it used to be to set it all up, and I say Not-For-Emergencies as I wouldn’t necessarily rely on it!

I’m lucky enough to have a great job that has me working from home during COVID, until at least May 2021. …

TLDR there were some interesting talks at remote Web Summit this year, but the real value of Web Summit is the ad-hoc meeting and chatting with people, seeing what startups from across the world are working on, and seeing just in general what the tech world is up to. All of which is much more difficult remotely.

Last week I attended the Web Summit tech conference for what I think was the 6th time. I went two or maybe three times in Dublin (I must be getting old if I can’t remember my conference visits!), …

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