I couldn’t wait to return, but do I actually like working in the office anymore?

There’s been a lot written about The Great Resignation. There are news articles theorising about it, countless LinkedIn posts from recruiters trying to exploit it as a marketing tool, and more recently, folks attempting to debunk or evolve the theory.

I’ve been pondering something slightly different but related. I wrote…

I’ve just updated my kids app Boxapopa with some new free Halloween levels, and not only are they lots of fun for kids to play with, it was also a lot of fun creating them! Which got me thinking, perhaps all apps should get a Halloween makeover?!

Witch hat buttons are more fun than normal buttons

Which would you…

10 pros and 10 cons

As Covid is slowly retreating in some countries many of us lucky enough to have been working remotely will be perhaps able return to the office, most likely under some flexible or hybrid arrangements. Should we though? Or should we just stay working from home?

Here’s 10 reasons to stay…

Andy O'Sullivan

Creator of Boxapopa, the iOS game for young kids with zero ads, just fun! https://apps.apple.com/ie/app/boxapopa/id1550536188

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