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10 pros and 10 cons


10 reasons to stay working at home

  1. More family time. I spent 11 years working full time in a previous company that didn’t allow any working from home. I left each day about 7:40am and got back about 6:20pm, so I saw my wife and young…

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This is a positive post, honest!


and Why You Should


Types of blogs

I see two main types:

  • Tutorials — how…


Know your GPT-3 from your K8s


Guide to the A to Z

This year, I’ve added in some extra features to the A to Z, mainly as it’s either that or watch more Netflix. So:

*During a global pandemic

Why side-projects are worth it

I’m lucky/privileged enough to still have a great job, in a company that’s really stepped up and supported its employees during…

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