All Apps Should Get a Halloween Makeover

Andy O'Sullivan
2 min readOct 27, 2021

I’ve just updated my kids app Boxapopa with some new free Halloween levels, and not only are they lots of fun for kids to play with, it was also a lot of fun creating them! Which got me thinking, perhaps all apps should get a Halloween makeover?!

Witch hat buttons are more fun than normal buttons

Which would you rather be coding with:



Likewise, imagine your boring banking app had some pirate icons!

Everything is better with pirates.

Having a deadline is the best way to make changes!

It took me more or less a year and a half to make and release the game, but only about two weeks to make 10 more levels and release them, because I knew if I procrastinated it’d be January before I was finished!

One of kids started saying things like “you know you’re going to miss Halloween, right?” so I knew I had to get going on it!

Updating your game shows users it’s worth keeping

Kids get bored of games but updating them regularly can help with retention. Seasonal events like Halloween or Christmas give a nice reason to add some new content and hopefully keep them interested. I’m already thinking of other themed updates I can do … the Winter Olympics?

More content means more to talk about!

Marketing apps is difficult, especially if you’re an independent developer and your marketing budget doesn’t actually exist. So updates like this one is another good reason to talk about your app! Like this blog!

Did I mention it’s also fun working with pumpkins?!

Try it out at and any thoughts or comments just let me know below, or you can get me on Twitter