Can We Change The World From Our Attics?

Or do we need to get out and experience life to truly impact it

Photo: Emre Can Acer/Pexels

Would Paul McCartney have written that song if he had been working remotely in an attic for the last two years?

That trip down to the village, one I’ve made many times over the last couple of years, was pretty much as exciting as life has been recently. Like a lot of people, I’ve stayed at home during the pandemic, and my world has been dramatically reduced in size and scope. I’m lucky enough to have a job which has been going great during lockdown and I’ve been achieving and exceeding goals, with no obvious impact on projects. Last week I had a work call with colleagues in San Diego, Boston, Brazil and Singapore, which I thought was pretty cool!

Do we need experience more of life to impact it?

I’m writing this post sitting on a beanbag in one of my kid’s rooms, in a small village where I’ve spent almost all of the last two years. Would the post be any different if I’d been outside of Ireland over those years, and seen more of the world? What if I’d met more people, tried speaking more languages, gotten lost in more cities or had dinner with colleagues in other countries? I have spent a summer living in the University of Toronto, and another in a really rundown hostel in Hollywood, LA. I’ve been in jungles in Thailand, camping in Switzerland, and got married in Italy — but not anytime recently!

We should try not lose what we had before

From my limited knowledge of Golden Slumbers, obtained from Google today so I may be completely wrong, it’s partly about nostalgia over childhood being over, and not being able to go back.



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