How to create & deploy a beautiful website after dinner

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I’m (thankfully) really busy at the minute, with actual work and also an app I’m making for heart patients stuck at home because of Covid-19 (with the Team-OSV community). However, my wife mentioned that the residents’ association that she chairs needed a way to get info out during the lockdown and I magnanimously (AKA foolishly) said,”I could make you a website, easy” … so that’s how I found myself needing to create a website that I didn’t have time to make … one evening after dinner.

I know there’s quick-fix options like Wordpress, or those sites that you can pay to deploy a template site for you in minutes, but I like building things so wanted to create it myself. I considered doing it in React as I’m using that a lot in work at the minute, but then decided that was overkill for a simple site that I had very little time to spend on, so I decided on:

  • Find and change a free bootstrap template
  • Deploy on AWS


I said I like building things myself, not that I have time to design things from scratch — so I went to and found a nice looking free template (MIT license):

which looks like this at the top:

but what I was really interested in was the bottom section:

as I liked the look of those cards.

So, I created a new project in WebStorm, and butchered … I mean edited … the template, so it now looks simply like this:

(No, I don’t live in the Dark Knight’s hometown, just wasn’t sure about putting where I really live on Medium!)

and that’s the site! I’m a huge believer in simple designs and knowing when to stop designing / building, and that’s (currently) all they need.

Deploy on AWS

The high-level steps, all on AWS:

  • Buy domain name via Route 53 ($12).
  • Create certificate via ACM.
  • Create S3 bucket and deploy code into it, as a statically hosted website.
  • Create Cloudfront distribution pointing at the S3 site. (needed for https for S3 sites).
  • Point the domain name at the Cloudfront distribution via Route 53.

and it’s done — a https enabled website deployed!

I’m not going to show you how to do all those steps, but here’s an awesome post by Ly Channa with lots of detail:

Morale of the story

That all took me about 4 hours, most of which was messing around with the bootstrap template as I tried to figure out what I wanted it to look like.

Making simple website for things like a residents’ association or a sports club isn’t difficult and shouldn’t cost much, either in cash or time. It’s also a fun way to put in a few hours after dinner!

Any thoughts or comments let me know below!




Creator of Boxapopa, the iOS game for young kids with zero ads, just fun!

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Andy O'Sullivan

Andy O'Sullivan

Creator of Boxapopa, the iOS game for young kids with zero ads, just fun!

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