— The Antidote To The Ad-Driven Internet

Andy O'Sullivan
3 min readMay 23, 2022
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Today, I launched — a site for reviews and recipes that has, you guessed it, no ads! It has movie reviews, tv reviews and recipes — and soon will also have book reviews. It does not have any ads, any affiliate marketing, any analytics or tracking, any extra cookies, any popups, any notifications, any fees, any subscriptions — or anything else that you’d usually find on an ad-driven site. There’s no kind of monetisation — all in an attempt to ensure the content is free from money-driven behaviour, like clickbait headlines, or bad-quality articles only written as something to put ads around.

There’s also no commenting or “liking” of posts — this is an attempt to make a safe place to read and write. There’s plenty of forums on the web where folks can express their pleasure or displeasure with anything or everything, this site is just reviews and recipes, nothing more or less!

Why did I make this site?

Like (presumably) most people, I’m fed up of so many sites being covered in ads, where the actual content seems to be the secondary purpose of the site. We’ve all seen it — where we’re trying to find a recipe for something, only to find multiple sites that have lengthy backstories and filler, all so they can add in more ads. Eventually, I got so sick of it, that I decided to create my own site for reviews and recipes.

Diverse or Not Diverse?

Each movie review (and soon each TV review will have) has a Diverse or Not Diverse section, to answer some questions like “White guy the main character?” and “Much LGBTQ+ representation?” — mainly to draw attention to the fact that most shows aren’t diverse, but also to highlight those that are! Watch out for an upcoming review of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!

Who writes for it?

It’s currently me and one of my daughters, a friend also wrote a review after I’d asked her to test it a bit, and earlier today another friend got in touch about providing some vegan recipes! That’s the dream, that others are inspired to join in and write for the site aswell. I’d love if it became a community — a safe place where folks can read and write good content, and not be bothered by legions of ads or any negative behaviour.

If you would like to write for NOadsHERE check out the about page for more information!

How do we pay for it?

The site is serverless — so is really low-cost to run. If for some reason it gets popular and costs go up, we’ll look at options, but we should be ok.

What can you do?

Read, write or spread the word! A site with no ads!